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Trados and AutoCAD

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Trados Power with AutoCAD Drawings

Is it possible to translate AutoCAD drawings with Trados or any other Translation Memory or Computer Assisted Translation Tool?. Well... not until TranslateCAD was invented.

Now with TranslateCAD you are able to translate literally in Plain-Text format using any CAT software (including Trados and SDL studio).

You will save a lot of time, not only because you skip using the awkward DTEXT or MTEDIT command, but because you will be able to use all your existing Translation Memories, Glossaries, Dictionaries, Context search, and other useful tools that your CAT software offers. 

Fellow Freelance Translators and Translation Agencies: For As Little As A $29 USD One-Time Investment, You Can Save Literally Hundreds of Hard-Work Hours When Translating AutoCAD Drawings

TranslateCAD is a shareware tool designed for professional translators that allows you to extract the translatable text from DXF AutoCAD drawings, creating a small plain-text Unicode-formatted file that you can translate easily taking advantage of your favorite CAT tool (SDL Trados studio 2007/2009/2011/2014, SDLX, Wordfast, Deja Vu, MetaTexis, CafeTran, Across, MemoQ, MultiTrans, OmegaT, Similis, Swordfish, Transit, Heartsome, Lingotek).

Compatibility with all desktop Windows version: Windows 8.x, Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows XP, Windows 95/98

Compatibility with all AutoCAD DXF versions (Only ASCII DXF type supported, no binary DFXs supported): From R10 up to AutoCAD 2015. We invite you to run the trial version downloading it below, which allows you to extract the first 50 words of any drawing, regardless of its size.

It fully supports Unicode for translation from/into any language (including Chinese, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, Korean, Russian, Thai, Japanese, etc).

IMPORTANT NOTES: Current version is 1.8.0. If you are upgrading TranslateCAD please DO NOT Uninstall your prior version, otherwise you may loose your license key and will have to request it again via e-mail. Also, please make sure that you install this version into the same folder where your prior software is.

Click here to download Lesson#1 Download Area
Please click on either of the two files below to download Translate CAD. This is the trial version that converts to the full version once you purchase your unlocking key.
Windows 8.x  / 7  / Vista / XP /98 / 95
Installer (Executable) (v1.8.0)
Download time: <1 min (Using 56K modem)
Windows 8.x  / 7  / Vista / XP /98 / 95
Installer (Zip Compressed Folder) (v1.8.0)
Download time: <1 min (Using 56K modem)

 Independent Reviewer Opinion:
"...I found the application easy to use, and everything worked right the first time..."
Read full review at
Translator's Tools Blog by Gururaj Rao

The following table shows the features found in the Free version and the 
Registered Version of Translate CAD

TranslateCAD® v1.8.0 Unregistered Version
(Free) Download
Registered Version
(Only $29 USD)
Counts Words in any DXF drawing
Extracts Text From DXF drawing
Re-creates target-language
DXF drawings
Compatible with AutoCAD versions:
R12, R14, 2000-2014
Fully Compatible with Trados, SDLX, Wordfast, Deja Vu, MetaTexis, CafeTran, Across, MemoQ, MultiTrans, OmegaT, Similis, Swordfish, Transit, Heartsome, Lingotek, or any other CAT software that handles Unicode-Encoded text files
Supports Unicode for languages that use Ideograms and Hieroglyphs (Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Thai, Hebrew, Arabic, Hindi, Russian, Greek, etc.)
Batch conversion of DXF files within the same folder
Number of Words Extracted First 50 words of any drawing (regardless of its size in MB) Unlimited number of Words per drawing
Prompt Technical Support  
Perpetual license
(no extra charge for future releases)
No questions asked 90-day Money-Back Warranty  

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