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Why not a free "Machine Translation"?
Why should I Pay for a Translation provided by a language professional if I can get a FREE online translation at a number of websites?

1. One word can be translated into a wide selection of equivalent words depending on the context. Only humans can apply the best translation by analyzing the subject matter - engineering, medical, commercial, technical, etc.
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human-made, native translations
Do not compromise your professional image. Translation of your Web Site or important documents by a non-native translator could result in a catastrophe! (see funny examples). 
2. There is no better choice than a translator, whose mother tongue is the same language as the target language of the translation. There are idioms, culturally-specific phrases and grammatical forms that only a native speaker would understand and translate accurately.

3. Results can be catastrophic for your business - you will loose credibility & will not be perceived as a serious businessperson by your Spanish-speaking customers or prospects.

Bottom line:
If you want professional results for serious communication like business letters, commercial documents, and technical documentation, there is no other choice than a translation provided by a LANGUAGE PROFESSIONAL.

See for yourself:

Please take a look at this translation, performed by Google language tools. To be fair, it is a decent machine translation, provided from Spanish to English: 
So that it would have to pay by a Translation offered by a professional of languages if I can obtain a GRATUITOUS translation in a series of Web sites? 
1. A word can be translated in an ample selection of equivalent words depending on the context. Only the humans we can apply to the best translation analyzing the subject which is - engineering, medicine, commercial, technical, etc. 
2. There is no better option than a translator, whose maternal language is he himself final language of the translation. There are idiomáticas expressions, specific phrases to a culture and grammar forms that will only be able to accurately understand and to translate a person who speaks the native language. 
3. The results can be catastrophic for their business - you will lose credibility and she will not be perceived like a serious businessman by its clients or prospectos that speak Spanish. 
In conclusion: if you seriously want professional results for communication like letters of businesses, commercial documents and technical documentation, there is no another option that a translation provided by a PROFESSIONAL IN LANGUAGES. 

"Unfortunately, today's most sophisticated software doesn't approach the fluency of a native speaker or possess the skill of a professional translator. Automatic translation is very difficult, as the meaning of words depends upon the context in which they are used. Because of this, accurate translation requires an understanding of context, as well as an understanding of the structure and rules of a language. While many engineers and linguists are working on the problem, it will be some time before anyone can offer a quick and seamless translation experience." - Google
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