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Translate AutoCAD Drawings With Your Favorite CAT Software

About TranslateCAD® is a Translation Service Provider with more than 20 years in the market and a growing list of satisfied customers around the Globe.

Now we are proud to present our newest product: a Software tool aimed to easy our fellow Translator's life.

Dear Colleague:

Let me share with you why I developed TranslateCAD®.

I have been a professional translator for 20 years. Once in a while, I have been asked to quote the translation of AutoCAD® drawings. I translated a handful of them. But then, in came a big one...

Being an AutoCAD® instructor myself, I thought it would not be very complicated to translate those big tables with a lot of text directly using AutoCAD®, but soon I found I was wrong.

I spent an hour just counting the words, and found that trying to input directly into the MTEXT objects was tricky and not very user-friendly (not to mention the difficulty of deleting the original language text).

Then I decided it was fair to charge a higher surcharge for the trouble of doing the DTP.

To my surprise, the client gladly accepted the quote, but I discovered that even with the surcharge I was in trouble; the task was awkward and time-consuming.

Then I said to myself: "If I'm a programmer with 30 years of experience, why not write a code that would make my life easier, not only with this project, but with future ones."

I researched the DXF standard, binary files read/write, Unicode encoding-decoding, and after some hard work, tests and debugging, my time investment finally paid off. 

It was not user- friendly at all, but it worked nicely for me.

So I decided not to be selfish, and to share my tool with other fellow translators like you, and to develop a commercial product for the translation community.

I hope that TranslateCAD® will save you countless hours of hard work, as it has done for me.

I invite you to learn more about TranslateCAD®. Or Download it here and try it yourself.

Best wishes,



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Translate CAD is a software that lets you use Trados, Wordfast, DejaVu, DVX, SDLX, SDL, and other Computer Aided Translation (CAT) tools to translate your AutoCAD DXF drawings.