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Spanish Mexican Translations Translation to Logo We provide affordable and accurate Spanish translation services. Technical Engineering, Biblical, Mechanical, Electronic and Manufacturing documentation is accurately translated into Spanish.
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human-made, native translations
Do not compromise your professional image. Translation of your Web Site or important documents by a non-native translator could result in a catastrophe! (see funny examples).
Expand your market to millions of visitors around the globe by publishing your Web Site in Spanish, or creating bilingual Web Pages. It is not a problem if the content includes highly technical terms in areas such as Engineering, IT, Internet, Hardware, Electronics, Physics, Mechanical, Electrical, Electronics, Manufacturing, Automation, and many others.

We can translate to Spanish from a single Web Page (i.e. your home page) to an entire Web Site, without losing any functionality at all, because we handle HTML, ASP, Javascript, and CGI scripts. Additionally, we can translate the text contained in graphics made with Corel Draw®, Flash®, and other popular graphics packages. Even if you do not have the source vector drawing file, we can re-create the graphic with the Spanish text at an affordable rate.

MS Office® Documents
Whether you need to translate a simple Word® document, an Excel® spreadsheet with financial results, complex organization charts, or a complete PowerPoint® presentation, we can translate them into Spanish while preserving the original format. We handle Technical Spanish terminology.
Software Spanish Localization
We also offer translation services for various programming languages including Visual Basic and C++. (You will need to provide source code). Some customers have provided raw text files or databases, and we have the technical knowledge to handle both the VB code and data files.
Translation to Spanish for Technical Drawings
If you need to translate architectural or engineering drawings made with AutoCAD® or other DXF compatible software, we will translate them changing nothing but the text. Advanced and Technical drawings are also supported.
English to Spanish terminology
We translate to Spanish for a wide range of areas: Technical, Engineering (Information Technology, Mechanical, Chemical, Physics, Electronics, Electricity, Manufacturing, Robotics & Automation, etc.), Mathematics, Commerce, Business, Education, Training, etc.
Other Formats
We can also handle a number of other electronic formats, please ask for your specific needs by clicking here.
competitive rates (fees) - Spanish Translation services
Terminology Fee*
Simple English $0.07
Commercial / Marketing / HR $0.08
Technical / Engineering $0.09
Surcharge for Direct-to-HTML coding (Web Sites) $0.02

300+ Million Spanish Speakers Worldwide
Countries where Spanish is the official language
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*Rates may vary when the final quotation is analyzed by our language specialists.
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